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Top Christian Literary Agents

Best Book Agents - Top Christian Literary AgentsTop Christian Literary Agents – Who are the top Christian book agents? Where are they located? And how can you get them to represent you, so you can get a top publisher and book deal?

Research and contact top Christian literary agents using our FREE Literary Agent Directory, created by a former NY Times bestselling literary agency owner and President. Our directory has complete profiles for all Christian Book Agents like Elaine Spencer, Matt Yates, and Wendy Lawton. Scroll below now to discover how you can get instant access to this Literary Agent Directory that authors around the world are calling “the most comprehensive (and accurate) book agent directory in print or online.”

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Top Christian Literary Agents – Sample Directory Listing

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Here’s a sample listing for one of the top Christian publishing agents in the directory:

Sample Listing Top Christian Literary Agents Directory

Top Christian Literary Agents –
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* Access to all US and International literary agents (1,000+)
* Search the directory by book genre/category (116 of them)

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Top Christian Publishing Agents – Best Christian Book Agents


Greg Johnson
Amanda Luedeke
Chip MacGregor
Greg Daniel
Christopher Ferebee
Curtis Yates
Matt Yates
Sealy Yates
Rachelle Gardner
Jan Miller



Diana Flegal
Rachel Kent
Joyce Hart
Tamela Hancock Murray
Steve Laube
Janet Kobobel Grant
Wendy Lawton
Linda Glaz
Jonathan Clements


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Top Christian Literary Agents – Get INSTANT Access!

Unfortunately, other book agent directories that you’ll find in print and online are incomplete, outdated, and filled with mistakes. If you rely on those directories of book agents to research the top Christian book agents, you’re going to negatively impact your chances of getting a top literary agent to represent you. So, join thousands of other authors now by scrolling above to enter your first name and email address. You’ll get FREE instant access to the most comprehensive, the most accurate, and the most trusted Literary Agent Directory available today.

If you want to know more about the top Christian publishing agents listed above, or our book agent directory, click here now to access the Literary Agent Directory area of this website. And, click here to check out our other website to help authors looking for top Christian literary agents at Literary Agent Undercover.

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