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Jeff Jernigan is a Christian literary agent with the Hidden Value Group. He is a board certified mental health professional, hospital administrator and engineer. These describe Jeff’s 35 year career focused on influencing change in people and organizations by capitalizing on growth and change through leadership selection and development.

His work in healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, and higher education has taken him to 42 countries around the world. As an internationally recognized thought leader and educator on the prevention of burnout and self-directed violence associated with mass violence and disasters, Jeff has also worked with military and government agencies on three continents.

Jeff is rated by the Wellness Council of American as one of the top 1% of wellness experts in the country. Serves on a number of boards and is an author and speaker known for addressing psychological safety in the workplace.

He has extensive experience in Human Resources and Operations Management nationally and internationally supporting and directing companies through creating, continuing, and capitalizing on growth and change. Known for excellence in human capacity management, success has been acknowledged through numerous awards for business excellence. Jeff has been an internationally published author since 1983.

Chief Executive Officer for Hidden Value Group, LLC. HVG is a network organization bringing healing, health, and hope to people and groups around the world. Its mission is to resolve problems and provide solutions through education, healthcare, and leadership development.

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